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Payment Services

HomeSend connects payment services (Money Transfer Operators, Disbursers, Banks etc.) to a range of digital endpoints (mobile money, bank accounts, e-wallets …) and cash out networks across the globe, managing both transaction processing and settlement.

Global coverage through a single connection

Fully interoperable and compliant network

Speed, transparency and reduced costs

Scalable and future proof solution

A global network of networks

One connection to reach any digital end point – mobile money, bank accounts, e-wallets and cards – through a fully interoperable network that is both fast and compliant. End user benefits include speed, transparency and reduced costs.


Through a connection with HomeSend, a bank gets direct access to the local banking systems abroad and is able to offer a fast and transparent service to the payer.

Mobile money operators (MMO)

HomeSend connects mobile money ecosystems to the outside world and enables mobile wallet holders to receive funds coming from multiple types of payment service providers across the world

E-money issuers and disbursers

With HomeSend these service providers get global access to a wide variety of payment instruments to provide fast, convenient and cheap access to funds.

Money transfer operator (MTO)

HomeSend enables an MTO to reach the emerging mobile money solutions in the developing world and can also help expand its global bank account and cash-out network.

Superior Product Features

A flexible, fast and compliant solution for cross border digital transfers


We are licensed to act as an intermediary payment service provider by our Belgian regulator. All of our network participants are duly vetted and required to comply with the highest international standards and best practices. Customer funds are strictly segregated.

Transparent & flexible fx

FX rates are set at the time of transaction initiation and the same rates are applied for settlement. Funding is possible in the major currencies or in the beneficiary currency when requested.

Speed and information Richness

Sending money anywhere in the world has never been faster. The HomeSend platform processes transactions in real time and our extensive global network of trusted partners enables speedy delivery. Our system supports rich data needs via modern XML protocols.

Security and data protection

Our systems and processes meet the highest industry standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the transactional data that are processed by the HomeSend platform. We are PCI DSS certified.

Flexibilty & control

Our customer’s have the option to control pricing (end user service fees and FX rates) themselves OR to rely on the HomeSend system to manage and configure their end user service charges for them.

Customer care

We offer 24/7 customer care to support our connected service providers in treating their end users’ queries or complaints as soon as they arise. A web based customer care interface is available to the customer care agents of the service providers to track transactions and view transaction details.

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