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How we enable disbursement to bank account

HomeSend contributes to enhancing the Paysafe customer experience by enabling withdrawals from e-wallets that are faster and more transparent than a wire transfer.

The Challenge

Paysafe users want to move money in and out of their Paysafe account easily. They want fast, convenient and cheap ways to access their funds coupled with transparency on the actual amount credited to the receive account.

The Solution

By offering an alternative to traditional wire transfers for bank account withdrawals, HomeSend was able to help significantly improve the customer experience of the Paysafe account holders.

Unlike wire transfers, which often rely on correspondent banking relationships and are therefore slow and have an untransparent cost structure, bank transfers executed through HomeSend are delivered the next day or sooner because of the direct connection to the domestic financial systems. The Paysafe account holder is also informed at transaction origination of the exact amount that will be credited to his bank account.

In markets where formal financial services are less developed, Paysafe is able to offer real time withdrawals to mobile wallets in addition to bank account withdrawals through it’s HomeSend connection. Bu offering multiple withdrawal options, Paysafe improves the convenience of its service for the Paysafe account holders.

“Through a single integration with HomeSend we are able to offer our customers multiple options to withdraw funds from their Paysafe account. We know we can rely on HomeSend to deliver a competitively priced service that is fast and secure and meets the highest compliance standards”

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