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HomeSend puts compliance at the heart of its network and each network participant is required to hold all the necessary licenses, authorisations and approvals in its country or countries of operation and to comply with applicable laws and regulations in the countries of operation.

We perform a thorough due diligence on each potential network participant to determine how the applicant is regulated, whether it is in good standing in its country of incorporation, whether it has policies and procedures in place to meet HomeSend's requirements for participation in the HomeSend network and whether it is in compliance with the HomeSend AML policy.

HomeSend Certification Program

The HomeSend certification program is open to all types of payment service providers: banks, money transfer organisations, e-money issuers, mobile money service providers, …. Technology vendors are also eligible for certification.

The HomeSend certification includes a technical validation of the developed API connector and the verification of its interaction with the connected payment system.

Would you like to become HomeSend certified?

You can apply for the certification through your HomeSend account manager.

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